A virtual private server offers many perks regarding availability, scalability and resource optimization. Nowadays they are an option with costs comparable to those of shared hosting sevices and for many projects they are the only adequate option.


 Spend your time in important matters and leave the IT work in hands of professionals who will take care of your infrastructure.


 You will have your resources optimized and in optimal working conditions, always suiting your needs. 


New project? Need to improve in any way? Count on my assessment and take on the project successfully.

What I can do for you

I will install and start up your virtual private server in Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services. The service includes installing an operative system, the necessary applications and the integration with the rest of services these platforms provide.

This is my offer

We will solve any technical question and I will help you choose the kind of server and set of services that fit your needs the most.

I will take on the necessary tasks to migrate your current services (web, corporative mail, DNS) to the new platform

Your server will be installed with all required functionalities.

In summary you can sit back and dedicate your time to your business. You will have a partner who will take care of all aspects of inplementation.

What I can NOT do

  • Unlicensed application support
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    You must acquire the corresponding licenses for the services and applications you are going to use. Except for the licenses we hand over as part of the service, the rest must be obtained by yourself.
  • Hiring/migrating third party services
  • Similarly to licenses, you must manage these aspects with different providers. I will do as much as possible, including interacting directly with the provider of the service to guide you through the process.
  • Content management and new development 
  • Editing content from your web or any other business tool, its modification or upgrade is not included in this service. Should you need it, it will be billed separately. What is included however is the migration of existing services to the new platform.

How does the service work?

Once the needed data is gathered, we will establish the definitive price and a delivery period. The usual payment method is 50% at the beginning of the project and the remaining 50% once the server is fully operational.

As soon as the initial payment is done, I will begin working on the implementation. Although the process of activating an instance in AWS or Google Cloud is quick (usually a 1 day job), the delivery period might be longer depending on additional requirements, such as migrating your actual web site, migrating your corporative mail, installing third party software, etc.

You will have a user account, from which you will be able to control the development of the project and which we will use as our main communication tool. I will also be available in Skype, email or phone. If necessary we can meet in person.

Once the server is installed, you will have a month of assistance for free, valued in €100 + VAT.

How much does implementing the server cost?

The final price will depend on technical requirements.

You can migrate your current web to the new server starting from €250 + VAT.

I do not own a web, should I own a server?

We are used to associate virtual private severs with management of a web page. However, that is not the only use a VPS has. Any scenario which requires a computer to be permanently connected to the Internet is a valid scenario. Here are some examples:

  • Sharing files, documents and other types of data
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    It can be argued that there are numerous options already, even for free, which allow this. However we find limitations regarding space, size and type of files, speed and performance of the service. Additionally, sensitive or confidential information is not adequate for these services.
  • Collaboration and group work
  • Numerous solutions for group work implemented in these serviced currently exist, for instance CRM systems, project managing systems, ERP, etc. This type of software is usually a good candidate for a VPS
  • Access to third party services. 
  • Este el el caso si tenemos contratado un servicio que requiere una conexión permanente con nuestro proveedor para recibir avisos y notificaciones en tiempo real, por ejemplo cotizaciones bursátiles. This is in case we have hired a services which requires permanent connection with our provider to recieve notifications in real time, for example stock-market

In these scenarios, owning our own virtual private server is a considerable option. It is comparable in terms of costs with a specialized professional sevice, we will have the level of control we need and above all it will save us from many issues related to the maintenance of the necessary infrastructure ot build and maintain our own database.

How much will the server cost?

The final price will depend on technical requirements.

 You can own your own private server located in Google Cloud or AWS starting from €100 + VAT