Dedicate your time to important matters and leave the IT work in hands of professionals who will take care of your infrastructure.


You will have your resources optimized and in optimal working conditions, always suited to your needs.


New project? Want to optimize your business? Leave it to me to assess you and implement adequate solutions.

Objectives to accomplish

The  computing infrastructure needs attention and permanent maintenance. It's necessary to update the software, fix errors, add new functionalities and many more small tasks which add up to hours that you would not spend on your business.

You cannot afford that, you have dozens of tasks that wait for you to make your business bloom. Let me do my work and make yours easier while I am at it.

This is my offer:

We analyze your needs to find the best integral solution so those computer issues do not stop your business.

Monthly preventive control in order to keep you protected from malware, execution of security backups and other necessary updates.

We can solve any technological question you might have. We will aslso help you implemente new services and improve the current ones.

In case of failure, we can restore services in the least amount of time, minimizing damage and avoiding repetition of said failures.

We can assist you and take on necessary tasks in order to integrate new services from third-parties and automatize repetitive labour.

In summary you can relax and dedicate your time to what really matters towards the development of your business. You will have a partner who will take care of the rest

What can't we do?

  • Support of unlicensed software
  • close
    You must acquire the corresponding licenses for the services and software you use. If you don't, we will not be responsible for any errors. Except for licenses which we hand over as part of the service, the rest must be acquired by you.
  • Take responsibilty for third party services or software
  • In this case we can not guarantee complete support, because there will always be problems which are out of out control. We can guarantee that we will do as much as possible, including direct interaction with the provider of the service to fibnd a fast and effective solution.

How does the service work?

El servicio tiene un coste mensual, que dependerá de las necesidades concretas del negocio y que podrá ser modificado en cualquier momento para incluir nuevos prestaciones o eliminar las que ya no sean necesarios por la evoución natural del negocio. Es un servicio sin compromiso de permanencia que incluye las siguientes carácterísticas básicas:

The service has a monthly cost, which will depend on particular necessities of the business, and it can be modified at any given time to include better services or eliminate those which are no longer necessary for the natural evolution of the business. It is a sevice with no permanence compromises which includes the following essential characteristics:

  • Unlimited technical remote assistance via Teamviewer.
  • Unlimited consulting through Skype or telephone.
  • Local web protection for 5 computers + 1 server. Can be extended (additional costs: €5 x PC / €10 x Server).
  • Preventive monthly checks.
  • Maintenance of the corporative web (does not include generating or editing its contents)
  • Other corporative services related to the Internet (mail, DNS).

Each user will have at their disposal a personal area, from which they can open, close and manage tickets related to their hired services. 

Don't need monthly support?

If you need to solve a singular question ask for our prices.The rate is of €25/hour for remote assistance and €35/hour for home services.

How much can maintenance cost?

The final cost will depend on the result of the accorded service.

For the basic maintenance Web + Local Web  is of €125 + VAT