Web portal portfolio

Hom​​​​​es Costa del Sol

Real-estate portal implemented in WordPress and hosted in Google Cloud

Darwin Ciencias Naturales

Online store implemented in WordPress, migrated from Drupal

Inmobiliaria Vancamp

Real-estate portal implmented in WordPress and hosted in a Hostgator VPS

Almendrón Travel

Classic car renting in Cuba, built in WordPress and hostedin Google Cloud

Fundación Rayo Vallecano

Website for Fundación Rayo Vallecano,
implemented in WordPress

Luis Andrade International Media

Corporative web integrated with a custom  ERP.

I am showing you a selection of the work I finished. All of them have been designed and laid out following the orders from the client, but giving ideas and recommendations which can prove helpful towards the success of the project and that allow the implementation of solutions and techniques proved in the day to day of the business. 

I believe that the web should adapt to the business and not the other way around. This can make the development difficult but the end result is well worth it and I always end up learning how the business for which I am working for functions. This aspect is fundamental to achieve a fluid communication for both ways, which makes the success of the project easier

I take the viability of the project very seriously, I give the best in me to achieve an attractive, functional and optimized design to obtain the desired objectives of the client. That is the final goal of the works shown here, which have endend in a long term collaborationm with support measured to the needs of each project.

I hope that I can put yours here soon.