My name is Rolando Cárdenas
and I am a computer enthusiast

Whenever I am asked about my occupation, I usually answer computer technician, although I actually am a theroretical physicist, graduated in Russia in January 1985. I was always passionate about computers, up to the point of the tool becoming my main occupation.

I am a "living fossile", who began in the age of perforated cards, and I have seen the birth, growth and development of what we call the Internet. I worked as a scientist investigating in the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia, until December 1990. There was a strong collaboration with CERN, where our beloved HTML was developed. Back then I already combined my work as a physicist with programming, system administration, web management and communications.

I came to Spain in 1990, It was easier for me to dedicate professionally to computing, and here I am, happy witth my choice. During this time I have worked in almost all areas: administration of servers and databases, establishment of webs and communications, security as well as programming. Among the way I complemented my formation with certificates from Cisco, IBMm Enterasys (now Extreme Networks) and other businesses of the sector. I am lucky (or unlucky?) that my job is also my hobby, I enjoy what I do and I still am ready for whatever may come. 

How I understand my job

In 2010 I decided to work on my own account. It was always something I wanted to do, but for different reasons I delayed the decision. Since then I give my best at helping my clients achieve their goals.

If any of these situations sound familiar:

  • You have a slow web page, it does not position well in Google and you lack the means or time to improve it
  • You need support to solve day to day issues, related to your IT infrastructure
  • You wish to integrate your web management systems into each other or third-party services
  • You have a project in mind and you do not know how to carry it out, for example you need development measured to optimize the management of your business

I am sure I can help, whatever the nature of the problem is.

My objective is that as a client, you can focus on your business and make profits. I will handle the rest. We do not pretend to be the only option, but rather the first one to call to. If it rests on our hands, we will solve it, otherwise we will contact adequate professionals and supervise the whole process until you are satisfied with the result.

When we attend a client we first try to learn the dynamics of their business and find the best way to adapt the available resources and posibilities to the business, never the other way around.

I do not intend to be another support and management business, I intend to become an IT associate for my clients.

  • Take a look at my services and choose how I may help you
  • Check out some of my previous work. Maybe someday I can include your website.
  •   Tell me about your project and let's get to work

You can also find me on

  • +34 669 95 46 25
  • rolandojcardenas